H: I wanna taste her lips yeah cause they taste like you L: I wanna lay where she lays pic. Skip navigation! Story from Music. Another day, another bizarre fan theory that suggests Louis Tomlinson is secretly in love with Harry Styles. I, umm Following the announcement that One Direction was going on indefinite hiatus in January of , the former boy banders went their separate ways in order to build their own solo careers. Alas, some people are all too convinced that, in the many months since the band separated, Tomlinson has been pining over Styles. On Thursday, Tomlinson dropped his track “Just Like You,” and it took approximately two seconds for Twitter to start interpreting the lyrics as evidence that the Larry ship is real.

September 28 is ONE MONTH AWAY!!

It’s ‘Gossip Week’ on papermag. Going as far back as , long before it was announced that Louis Tomlinson was going to be a father, and before Harry Styles began dressing as a young witch, a group of One Direction fans coined a term for them: “Larry Stylinson. And a Tumblr search propels you into a Gravity-sized black hole of screenshots, photos and other “proof” that Larry is real.

Even when Louis and Harry flatly denied dating rumors, fans refused to believe it, insisting that Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor and even his baby.

If there was an old vinyl record player in the place it would scratch quiet. Instead, the two-dozen punters turn hushed and intent, as if a unicorn has just trotted in off the street, and nobody wants to scare it off. A former teen star who is now 25, a happier and rockier solo artist since his boyband One Direction split a few years ago, Styles has hidden himself inside a large, swamp-green parka. As it is, cover blown, he removes the parka. A woolly jumper beneath has a picture of the planet Saturn on it.

We take a seat in the corner. On nearby tables, conversations start to sputter as people try to keep their own talk ticking along on autopilot while straining to hear what Styles says. I ask him about the sheer strangeness of this and other aspects of fame. Full stadiums, swooning admirers, an excess of opportunity and cash.

Keith Richards, at a comparable stage, imagined himself the pirate leader of a travelling nation-state, unbound by international law. Elton John was on vast amounts of cocaine.

Proof Louis And Harry Are Dating

By Ellie Phillips For Mailonline. They rekindled their relationship in and have been stronger than ever since then, with engagement speculation swirling in recent weeks. Louis insisted that engagement rumours are premature but admitted that marriage is on the cards, as is having more children. He explained: ‘Yeah I saw some of that [engagement rumours].

It isn’t true, but the luxury with Eleanor is I’ve known her since before our first single What Makes You Beautiful, so she’s felt the whole growth of everything.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles at KISS FM’s Jingle Ball – Show they were dating in secret after working together on the set of Twilight. evidence of the obvious, rationally observable fact that Harry Styles and.

It’s been four years since One Direction announced to the world that they were going on hiatus. Fans who have been with the boys from the beginning were devastated by the news that their favorite boyband was disbanding indefinitely. Although it was the end of the road for One Direction, it didn’t mean the end of their music careers. Each member has embarked on a solo career in which he has been incredibly successful! Their league of loyal fans, who call themselves “Directioners”, are hopeful that the rumors buzzing about a possible reunion , to mark a decade of One Direction, are true!

We hope that the boys will reunite very soon. In the meantime, the members have been busy with their own lives and relationship drama. We’ve made a list of all of their stunning girlfriends and exes! Take a look for yourself. Louis was 19 when he auditioned for the show in


The dynamic between the boys of One Direction is complicated in , to say the least. While Malik is known to be on the outs with his former bandmates, other members are clearly still close. The question of whether Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are still friends remains up in the air.

He held a handbag. What more proof do we need?

I have read loads of blogs about this before. She is gobby, loud and confident but pretty laid back at the same time. Louis is said to have met student and part time model Eleanor Calder after a friend of his band mate Harry Styles set them up on a date. Calder is about to go into her second year at Manchester University where she is studying politics and sociology — proving she is more than just a pretty face.

The couple has Harry to thank for their blossoming romance. Harry knew Calder before they were famous — she comes from his hometown of Cheshire, England. One Direction singer Louis has been dating Eleanor for a year and the pair have Harry, who has known Eleanor since his school days, to thank after he arranged for them to meet. You get that feeling being around them. One Direction star Harry Styles is a match-maker!

It was actually him who got his band mate Louis Tomlinson together with girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Louis has been dating the Manchester University student for over a year and is clearly smitten with her. They met one day when Louis tagged along with Harry to meet up with the friend, and Eleanor came with her friend as well.

Harry Styles Comes Clean About One Direction Member Zayn Malik

I think we need a list of actual, rational reasons. This includes their fake make out sessions, the lovebite, most of the eyesex, ect. Video to Follow Along! The way I see it he was calling the camera guy a creep, since dude was focusing on Harry and Louis being all affectionate instead of on Liam who was, you know, the one who was actually speaking.

Also, Hommos has a way with words. Video here 40 sec.

I am fully convinced Harry and Louis have been dating since the beginning and Each Larry proof/thing/”coincidence” tagged by year since the hiatus started.

I refuse to engage in baseless rumors coming from twitter. We support a real-life relationship. I am fully convinced Harry and Louis have been dating since the beginning and are still together, and also that they never broke up. I am also fully convinced that every time the media linked them to women was for PR , and none of it were real. I am also fully convinced that if you analyze their lyrics, you should not cherrypick one line, but find consistency.

I believe H and L have been fighting for freedom since they had means to do so and will keep fighting for it and want to be free. The rest of my masterposts. My tag pages: 1 , 2. Louis had spent what felt like hours researching and planning, dinners with Zayn and his boyfriend at their house that just ended in looking at places and sending them to Niall. Harry proves him wrong. Incredible moodboard by loustyles. Louis is gay to.

Louis Tomlinson shared how those Harry Styles dating rumors impacted their friendship

This is a question that vexes every participant in the fraught emotional Capture the Flag game that is romance, from teen to 10 times that. People can be coy or cagey about their feelings, so when in a relationship, it can be difficult to suss out just what the other person is thinking and feeling. Do they like you? Do they love you? Do they want to be buried in your funereal pyramid and ride with you in the grasslands of the afterlife for eternity?

Louis Tomlinson opens up about the fan theory that he dated Harry He’s’Tired’ Of Fans’ ConspiracyTheory That He’s Dating HarryStyles.

So, when HBO aired the sexually explicit animated scene of Tomlinson performing oral sex on Styles, fans were quick to ask if the network ever warned or asked the two men for permission. And, surprisingly, Louis responded to their question. Whether the scene would’ve aired after asking for their approval, who knows, but, considering the band’s prior comments, HBO likely wouldn’t have gotten Harry and Louis’ blessing.

In fact, Louis has emphatically denied the rumors on numerous occasions. In a tweet from , he told fans, “Hows this , Larry is the biggest load of bulls–t I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that. They won’t naturally go put their arm around each other because they’re conscious of this thing that’s going on, which is not even true,” he explained, without specifically mentioning Harry and Louis.

He added, “There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members. After the band decided to take a break, chatter began to fade. However, when Harry released “Sweet Creature” in , the conspiracy theories came back in full force to claim that the romantic song was written about Louis.

Years Later, Louis Tomlinson Is Finally Addressing Rumors That He Dated Harry Styles

Whether you believe in it or not, rumours about Harry Styles dating his One Direction band mate Louis Tomlinson have been around for years. Neither Louis or Harry have ever really confirmed or denied the rumours, but it’s become a bit of a taboo topic for them. But, a recent interview with radio show Then follows the most uncomfortable stuttering you ever did hear from Harry, and we are really feeling for him, being put on the spot like that.

I mean, you know. I mean, I think people are always gonna speculate what songs are about, and I don’t think I’d ever want to tell anyone but they’re wrong, for feeling what they feel about a song.

A look at the imaginary relationship between One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

In One Direction fandom, shippers like to say, usually half-jokingly, that their slash ship “is real”. Many Larry shippers on Tumblr and Twitter have combed through massive amounts of publicly available information everything from interviews to candid photos to song lyrics to tattoos [2] to insider anons to find evidence that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were, and continue to be, boyfriends in real life. As the theory goes, One Direction’s management company Modest!

Management has forced them to remain closeted because gay bandmembers would bring down the monetary value of a boyband. In the early years, before Louis was publicly in a relationship with a woman, fans who thought he and Harry were in a relationship did not contradict what little fandom knew about them.

But as more counter-evidence appeared, the secret-boyfriends theory became an increasingly elaborate conspiracy theory. There is a subplot involving Louis’s girlfriend Eleanor as not just one beard, but twins or even triplets. The similarities between the relationship narrative constructed by these fans and the story promulgated by the Domlijah tinhats in Lotrips fandom in the early s minus the triplets have led to these Larry shippers being called tinhats by other fans.

The fans who believe in the theory that Larry is Real are often called ” Larries “, although not all believers in this theory adopt the term for themselves or identify with the community see Larrie for more detail. The term came into common use from around onwards, and prior to this, many Larries simply identified as Larry Stylinson shippers – which can be confusing when trying to distinguish more casual shippers from conspiracy theory believers.

Louis Tomlinson ‘vows to marry on/off girlfriend Eleanor Calder after previously f***ing things up’

In the early s, there was a new band called One Direction that was stealing all the little girl’s hearts. These 5 boys all had different backgrounds but all shared the same vision to become the best in the world, and they were on their way. So what happened, what led to the[ band drifting apart ] and One Direction becoming nomore?

9/17/ · Harry Styles & Louis Tomlison Confront Dating Rumors – Larry Stylinson! One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louie Tomlinson continue to fight off.

At the time, he said he was protecting his partner, Eleanor Calder, from a paparazzo who, in turn, claimed Tomlinson had grabbed him and dragged him to the floor. And the situation definitely got out of hand and people were goading me. I was already on edge and, in that headspace, it got the better of me. There have been mixed emotions. He is dressed in jeans, a red tracksuit top and trainers. An old hand at winning over interviewers, he greets me with a hug before sitting down, leaning back and putting his feet up.

Tomlinson is on the promotional trail for his debut album, Walls, which has been four years on the making.

Harry Styles Is Definitely in Love

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce birth of first child and reveal cute name. Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding reveals ‘devastating’ breast cancer news. Larry Stylinson is more than a bromance: It’s a lifestyle.

Read They ARE married from the story larry stylinson proof by 1ouist91 (​sunshine All the Larries out there know that Louis and Harry are married and there are a few reasons why ((notice at the bottom it says the date, september 28, )).

For the uninitiated, during their tenure on One Direction, fans of the band were convinced that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were secretly dating each other. People can believe what they want to believe, but I just think it comes across some times as a little bit disrespectful, to the ones that I love, like [my current girlfriend] Eleanor. Louis went on to say that, like many conspiracy theories, it was all a load of BS. However, unlike those theories, this one had a direct impact on his friendship with his former bandmate.

It made everything a little bit more unapproachable. I’m happy why can’t you accept that. A woman’s “insane” engagement ring request has led her partner to stop talking to her altogether. Australian veterans like Dan O’Connor are participating in the unexpected workshop as a way to heal. A freaked out mom took to TikTok to share an alleged paranormal happening involving her 2-year-old son, Jace.

Louis Tomlinson FINALLY Addresses Harry Styles Dating Rumors for the First Time Ever