Pregnancy is a wonderful and joyous time, but it can also be fraught with anxiety for expectant parents. A non-diagnostic reassurance pregnancy scan is a fantastic way to put your mind at ease as early as 7 weeks, and will provide you with an incredible opportunity to start the bonding process with your child. At B ump 2 Baby Scans in Leicester , you can enjoy an amazing experience with your little growing miracle. Contact us to book an early reassurance baby scan in Leicester. This scan package gives you the freedom to see your little miracle growing between the 7 weeks gestation period up to 24 weeks. You can choose to have the following scans included:. We are based in Leicester, but are easily accessible from surrounding areas including Nottingham. We are easily located off the M1, Junction 21A. Skip to content.

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What better than to celebrate your gender reveal with every ladies favourite tipple. Our family friendly clinic is the perfect place to hold the gender reveal you have in mind. Our gender reveal balloons create an amazing atmosphere for when the moment arrives to reveal your babies gender. Thank you so much xx. Would give it stars if I could. Made it such a special moment it was unreal.

Original Window to the Womb, Nottingham & Sheffield, 4D baby scan early gender scans from 16 weeks. One of 1st Private scan Studios in UK.

All members of this household should remain at home for 14 days. If you think you have symptoms, please do not attend your hospital appointment until you are advised it is safe to do so. Please contact us to rearrange your appointment, or to re-organise treatment and tests. Diagnostic imaging is the creation of images mainly through X-rays, ultrasound sound waves or MRI magnetic fields.

These images give medical staff the information they need to make a correct diagnosis of a clinical condition. If you have been referred by your GP you will be asked to contact our call centre on to arrange an appointment. If you are unable to attend the appointment, please contact our call centre as soon as possible to change or cancel your appointment. Your doctor will tell you whether a digital imaging examination can be performed on the same day as a clinic appointment that has already been booked.

If this is not possible we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time. Tests and scans Site map Skip to Navigation Contrast:. NUH Charity. Search the NUH website. Tests and scans.

(UPDATE) NHS 12th week scan cancelled if you go private (Nottingham)

Dr Latief has long understood the demand and need for diagnostic radiological imaging in the private sector and is now offering these services from the new radiology suite at 2 Regent Street, Nottingham. We have an in-house state of the art ultrasound scanner with no waiting times and both the examination and the reporting provided by Dr Latief himself, with an explanation of the findings directly with the patient at the time of the examination.

He has a fellowship in thoracic radiology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Immediate results, reports and discussion on further management options with the Consultant Radiologist.

Pregnancy is a time filled with preparations in readiness for the arrival of your The NCT offers private antenatal classes in Nottingham, classes take place at.

Apparently it is standard practice in Notts to cancel your statutory 12th week scan if you have done a private one after your 7th week. I just can’t find any “official” piece information to check that. I have written my local private scan place to ask them, but they haven’t responded yet. A lady from York told me that private places over there do have to communicate with NHS and that’s how they find out. I guess the only way I can be really sure is to ask the private clinic I’m planning to go to.

But as I said they didn’t answer my email enquiry yet, and their line is always busy. Thanks again, i appreciate. Excuse me crashing. I paid for two private scans – at 7 and 10 weeks – and the NHS had no way of knowing and I still got my 13 week scan. I’ve never heard of such a policy. Ladies, you’re making me hope again. I’m gonna check with the clinic and get back with an answer.

After all someone else after me might wonder as well. I have no idea with regards to not getting your 12 week scan if you have gone private, but in my last pregnacy I was referred to EPAU at Queens for an early bleed, and they did inform me that if the scan dated me over 8 weeks, it would be classed as my dating scan and I would no longer be referred for one at 12 weeks.

Nottingham’s QMC ‘would not see’ miscarrying woman

We welcome your views on our website and invite you to take part in a brief survey when you’ve finished your visit. An ultrasound is a scan that uses high frequency sound waves to create pictures of the inside of the body. It is used to look for any changes in organs and tissue.

Screening for AAA involves a quick and painless ultrasound scan of your tummy. This is similar to the scan pregnant women have to check on their baby.

Information you use to contact us will be used to respond to your enquiry and will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Payment for the deposits is made over the phone. Alternatively if you prefer to pay cash you will need to come in and book at reception. The amount for our deposit can be found by clicking here.

As well as cash payments we also accept the following card payments:. The consultation cost for our GP does not cover prescriptions, tests, scans or procedures — these are additional where applicable. Please note that test results will be communicated to the patient at the earliest opportunity. At the conclusion of appointments patients are given contact details for the clinic and in some cases the doctor. You will be expected to contact the clinic in order to follow up your tests and consultations.

All tests made by the clinic for a patient will be discussed during or prior to the consultation. The costs of tests are listed below or will be discussed with the patient. If you are not sure, the cost of the blood tests will be discussed after you see the doctor. You can then decide if you would like to go ahead with the tests.

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Starlight Ultrasound Ltd is pleased to be able to offer testing for the Covid Antibody. This is not for people displaying symptoms but for anyone who wants to know if they have previously contracted Coronavirus. Results are usually available within 24 hours.

Hey Baby 4D Baby Scanning Clinics. Reassurance scans, gender reveal packages and 4D scans available in all clinics. Private 4D Ultrasound Clinics.

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MRI/CT & Ultrasound Scan Locations

Peace of mind from as early as 8 weeks. Determine the gender of your baby. See your miracle with a free 4D preview. Bond with your baby in stunning 4D. Beautiful experiences and memories to treasure. The above guidance is relevant only to attendance within our clinic and does not replace national guidance.

We can perform early pregnancy scans 6 weeks for your LMP (last menstrual period). If you are 6 weeks+ our machine will provide you with an approximate.

All women, whatever their age, carry a risk of delivering a baby with a chromosomal problem; the risk increases as the age of the mother increases. These syndromes are chromosomal abnormalities caused by the presence of an extra chromosome within the cells of the baby. In requested cases we can also calculate the risk for Triplody and Turners Syndrome.

Trisomy 21 is the most common chromosomal abnormality followed by Trisomy 18, Trisomy 13, Triplody and Turners syndrome. Screening at this is my: centres is carried out by highly specialised professionals dedicated to the screening process. Results are produced with increased accuracy that can be far better than any test available via the NHS or other private pregnancy clinics.

It is important when choosing a test location to check what screening method is used, what markers are used and what detection and positive rates are quoted. With the introduction of first trimester screening on the NHS many patients are not always informed of the ALL the options available to them for chromosomal screening. Many believe that the test offered by private healthcare providers to be the same as those available via the NHS, this however is not the case.

This information I hope, will highlight the differences between the screening tests and make it easier for everyone to be informed about the available options so they can make the choice about which screening test is best for them and their pregnancy.

Nuchal Scan for Down’s Syndrome Screening

We also offer early gender scans from just 15 weeks and specialise in gender reveals. Our Nottingham studio is located in Bramcote on Derby Road and has ample parking right outside meaning you can bring up to 7 family, friends and children to enjoy your baby scan with us. The studio in Sheffield is in the lovely village of Beighton, again with parking outside and with a slightly larger building.

Refreshments are available on site.

A private scan confirmed a miscarriage and the clinic called the QMC but started to bleed and called the QMC’s Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU).

This bulge or swelling is called an abdominal aortic aneurysm, or AAA. It can be serious if it’s not spotted early on because it could get bigger and eventually burst rupture. You can ask for a scan to check for an AAA if you think you might need one but haven’t been offered a screening test. You can then arrange an appointment that suits you. If you’re a woman or man under 65 and you think you might have a higher risk of AAA – for example, because a close family member has had one – talk to your GP about the possibility of having a scan to check for an AAA.

If your GP thinks you might benefit from having a scan, this will usually be done when you’re five years younger than the age at which your relative was found to have an AAA. About 8 in every 10 people who have a burst AAA die before they get to hospital or don’t survive emergency surgery to repair it. Screening can pick up an AAA before it bursts. If an AAA is found, you can then choose to have regular scans to monitor it or surgery to stop it bursting.

The screening test is very quick, painless and reliable. Research suggests it can halve the risk of dying from an AAA. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be screened for AAA. Screening for AAA involves a quick and painless ultrasound scan of your tummy.